Seven years ago, Betty was diagnosed with osteopenia (loss of bone mass that results in weakened bones). After her recent doctor’s visit, Betty’s results showed that her bone strength has increased, and she has shown no further degeneration! Her doctor said the reason for this improvement is from her training sessions with Andre, her consistency getting into the gym 4-5 times a week, and seeing a chiropractor regularly! This is just one example of the many benefits of weight training! Great work, Betty!

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Lisa became a member in May and started working with trainer, Karen Edge, who keeps her consistent in her workouts.

She has influenced me to incorporate weight-lifting and change my eating habits. At Fitness 24-7 everyone knows your name and shares in your success. My goal is to keep healthy moving forward and continue working out at Fitness 24-7. Karen has been a major supporter and source of inspiration. Through her I realize there is no magic number. The exhilaration from working out and feeling the new curves in my body keeps me coming back.

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I suffered a serious knee injury in 2013 and was steadily gaining weight ever since. The injury forced me to have three knee surgeries that were hard to recover from. I turned to food as a comfort and found myself 70 pounds heavier with my doctor saying my blood pressure was extremely high. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family, so I knew I needed to make a change in order to live a long, healthy life.

I joined Fitness 24-7 in January and have been going there six days a week ever since! I’ve lost nearly 35 pounds! I take spin class four days a week. It’s tough but so rewarding, and its great exercise for my knee. When I’m not in spin, I’ll take FIT or do a long cardio workout. I focus on getting my heart rate up and burning calories! I’ve completely changed my diet also. I used to have fast food and soda twice a day. Now, I stick with healthy portions of protein like grilled chicken and eggs, tons of fruits and veggies, and try to keep carbs to a minimum.

I’m so happy to have found such an awesome gym! Everyone is so friendly and motivating, from other members to the trainers and instructors! They all want to see you succeed, and will help you reach all your goals!

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When Eddie went to see a new doctor a few years ago, he had a cardiac profile done and discovered he was on the verge of having Type 2 Diabetes.

“I knew I had put on weight the last few years, but being told I was going into type 2 diabetes unless I made some changes was a real wake-up call,” said Eddie. “I’ve done the diet thing before and didn’t like the idea of going on one, but decided with help from my wife that I just needed to start eating less and trying to do more challenging workouts.”

Eddie takes cycling classes at the gym on Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. He also does upper body workouts and hits the XR6000.

He joined Fitness 24-7 in May 2004 and appreciates the encouragement from the instructors, trainers and Tom and Beth, the gym owners. “The [cycling] instructors I’ve had since I started have all been great. Watching the different trainers work with various members has given me tips on how to improve my workouts,” says Eddie. “The gym is always neat and tidy. I really couldn’t imagine belonging to another gym. I’m always telling people about it and encouraging them to try it out!”

Eddie’s current goals are to keep losing weight — he’s lost 88 pounds so far in the past 3 years — and to keep his body as strong. “I had to have one hip replaced two years ago and I really struggled to do things like get up out of a chair. It’s difficult when you can’t use your leg to help lift you, and it took almost four months before I could even think about going back to [cycling] classes again. If I ever have to have my other hip replaced, I don’t want to take as long to get back doing the things I like to do at the gym!”

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