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Jill Russell

Personal Training Program Coordinator

Andre Owens

Certified Personal Trainer

Mark Cinq-Mars

NASC Personal Trainer

AJ Sceviour

ACE Personal Trainer

Tracy Stolle

ACE, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Danica Moore

M.S – Exercise Science

John Brower

Certified Personal Trainer

Karen Edge

Nutrition Coach

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Jill Russell 

Personal Training Program Coordinator

Jill had the pleasure of growing up in a household with very active and supportive parents who were constantly entering her into new activities and sports. As soon as she began playing soccer she was hooked. Since then, her love for testing the body’s ability to handle forces and tasks placed upon it has interested her tremendously. Sadly, her father, and coach at the time, passed away when she was only nine years old right after one of her practices due to heart failure. In August of 2016 Jill also lost her mother to heart complications. As a result of these events Jill’s desire to improve the physical fitness of those around her continues to increase with the hope it may save the lives of those around her. Although there may be no correlation between her parent’s early deaths and their physical fitness, she will continue to try to help the health of those around her.

Jill holds a BS in Kinesiology (Exercise Science Concentration) from James Madison University and a MS in Health and Movement Science (Exercise Science Concentration) from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jill is an Exercise Physiologist and Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine. She is also CPR/AED certified through the American Red Cross and American Heart Association.

Jill has experience working with individuals of all ages and fitness types and she will customize your exercise prescription to meet your exact goals. Her philosophy is that exercise should be just that—a prescription; prescription for avoiding disease, enhancing mood, making daily tasks easier and for living a more energized and healthy life.

Andre Owens

After graduating from California State University Sacramento in 1993, Andre truly committed to his personal training career. While in California from 1994-2006, he worked as a personal trainer at 24Hour Fitness, Golds Gym Rancho Cordova, the Sacramento Court Club, the Elk Grove Racquet Club, and for his own company.

Andre’s clientele range from people who have never lifted a weight, to athletes wanting to improve fitness for team/individual sports. He came from a heavy athletic background including having played intercollegiate football. He has trained seasoned athletes who want to get bigger, faster, and stronger for an upcoming season, to the beginning athletes getting ready for his or her first season of team/individualized sports.

​His personal training philosophy is super simple. He tries to make training fun. The training programs vary every single session. Andre never wants his clients to get bored with their training, nor does he want to get complacent in training them. He believes in constantly researching new training methods and techniques. He has a Fitour certification and also teaches indoor and outdoor boot camps.


Mark Cinq-Mars

Mark Cinq-Mars grew up in Waterville, Maine and played sports and loved competing at the highest level. While working at Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Resort in Carrabassett Valley, Maine, he discovered his passion for health and wellness.

Mark studied exercise science and nutrition at the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, RI. He then studied Biblical Studies at Zion Bible College. Later he attended Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va. and received a Masters Degree in Biblical studies with a concentration in counseling.

With more than 20 years of experience, Mark’s experience includes working with inner city youth, managing a fitness center, personal and group training and serving as the strength and conditioning coach for the Norfolk Admirals an ECHL hockey team. His certifications include NASC, ACSM, ACE, IDEA Bio Mechanics and he is also a Reebok Master Spin Instructor.

Mark is passionate in helping people reach their fitness goals. His clients range from children and young adults to amateur and professional athletes. He is also a specialist in post-rehab therapy and assists getting clients back to their everyday life activities. Mark is inspired by clients who change their lives in body, mind and spirit!

AJ Sceviour

AJ Sceviour has been part of the Fitness 24-7 family since he was 14 years old. He started working in the gym helping with various tasks from keeping the gym tidy to equipment maintenance. Being in this environment cultivated his passion for fitness and he was fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful trainers who served as mentors and taught him about movement and strength training. AJ was also involved in running Cross Country in high school, which gave him the passion for endurance training.

While completing his degree at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Va. in International Relations and French, he received his personal training certification through the American Council on Exercise.

AJ loves the community at Fitness 24-7 and especially enjoys motivating his clients to dig deeper and push themselves to achieve their fitness goals. Seeing his clients make improvements is inspiring and rewarding.


Tracy Stolle


ACE Certified Personal Trainer 
ACE Fat Metabolism & Weight Management Specialist
ACE Sports Nutrition Specialist 

Tracy Stolle’s experience in fitness started when she was very young. She started running races at the age of six and has had a passion for fitness ever since. She followed her passion and has been in the fitness industry since 2007. In addition to being a personal trainer, Tracy has managed gyms, specialized in group classes, conducted fitness and nutrition seminars, created news segments, delivered motivational speeches, as well as helped build gym’s from the ground up.

Tracy has competed in various fitness competitions, half marathons and marathons. She believes that it is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle but strongly encourages it to be a long-term lifestyle change.

Tracy’s heart has always been set on seeing people succeed no matter what they do especially through health and fitness. She customizes her training for each client so that he or she will be successful in reaching their fitness goals.

In addition to personal training, Tracy enjoys the customer relations and marketing aspects of her career. She feels the need to spread the knowledge and true meaning behind health and wellness as well as inspiring others.

“If I can make someone’s day better in any way, I have done my job,” says Tracy.

​Tracy is certified through American Council on Exercise and has a degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Meyers, Fla. and she also attended the Heritage Institute specializing in Personal Training.

Tracy stays current with fitness information and constantly expands her knowledge in the fitness industry. Her experience helps her quickly develop a health and fitness regimen after learning a person’s fitness goals and health history.

“I believe your body is a work in progress,“ says Tracy. “It’s amazing to see and feel what our bodies can do with just a few changes.”

“You should never stop setting goals for yourself. Just when you think you’ve maxed out and advanced as much as you can, we raise the bar — there are no limits in fitness,” she adds.


John Brower

John discovered his passion for helping people get fit while serving in the U.S. Air Force. Early on in his career, he was chosen to be a Physical Training Leader for his squadron, a position not usually held by young recruits. As a PTL he assisted fellow servicemen who were not reaching their PT scores, which was necessary for advancement within the squadron. John worked with participants in small groups as well as one-on-one until they were able to reach their goals.

A certified personal trainer since 2013 with the International Sports Medicine Association, John’s style of training is high intensity with cardio while incorporating weightlifting. He enjoys training clients of all ages and tailors each session to his client’s goals. His main objective is to have fun, sweat, and his clients to look forward to coming to the gym.


Karen Edge

Ever since Karen was a little girl, sports have been her passion. Growing up on the Jersey coast she was a competitive swimmer, surfer, and gymnast. Karen would play some sort of sport every day and fall into bed exhausted but couldn’t wait to do it again the next day. She competed in sports through high school, was named Most Athletic, and was on the University of South Carolina’s gymnastics team.
While in college, Karen got a job performing a solo underwater ballet with 4 bottle nose dolphins. This was an incredible experience which gave her a tremendous appreciation for the power and intelligence of dolphins.
She started in the fitness industry in 1978 with her brother-in-law, helped open and manage the first fitness club in Charleston, SC, “Spa Lady”. Thus, Karen’s new passion was born. It was a dream come true; fitness and fun for her and anyone who came near her. She taught aerobic and strength training and had her own TV show for 3 years, “Fitness Finesse”.
Karen worked in fitness for 20 years before she took a break and focused on her 2 children and their busy lives. She got a “real” job as a Director of a Medical spa but soon realized fitness and health is where she belongs.
She did her first triathlon in 2010 and became very motivated for learning about strength, endurance and being healthy. Karen wanted to educate herself further on getting her body in shape with exercise and nutrition.
The last 3 years, her focus and learning have been on understanding food/nutrition/exercise and how to make lifestyle modifications to help make the body stronger and healthier. She loves coaching and encouraging people to look at the wonders of eating correct and not feel deprived or unhappy when making lifestyle changes.
Karen is certified in Personal Training, a Senior Fitness Specialist, Fitness and Sports Nutrition Specialist, Zumba and Zumba Gold and CPR/AED. 
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Danica Moore

She joined the Fitness 24-7 team in November 2019. Some of you may have already tried her classes.  Danica earned a Masters Degree in Exercise Science from the University of Southern Maine.
There, she was a member of the cross-country and indoor and outdoor track teams, which sparked her passion for health and wellness. Danica then received her Master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Merrimack College. While researching the impact of stress on recovery in collegiate athletes, her passion for integrative wellness and focus on the mind-body connection grew. Danica’s awareness of mental health and well-being is a driving force in her passion for helping others increase their confidence and well-being with exercise.
Danica has worked with a wide array of clients and teams ranging from adults to middle school, high school, and collegiate athletes. Additionally, her experience working with individuals with traumatic brain injuries, cancer, and paraplegia has sparked an interest in rehabilitation to help all clients progress in a positive and healthy environment. Danica’s training approach relies on fundamental and functional movement patterns that can improve all aspects of life. She believes that individual clients require an individualized approach and guidance. Danica believes that exercise doesn’t have to be a daunting chore, so she strives to make training sessions fun, challenging, and educational to help clients create positive behavior change and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  

Jayla Pricer

certified hatha & vinyasa yoga instructor

While attending college, Jayla chose Yoga as her physical education class. At the time, she knew very little about Yoga but was fortunate to have an inspiring teacher who cultivated her love for Yoga. Aside from the physical practice of Yoga, her teacher incorporated into her class meditative aspects as well as breathing techniques. Soon Jayla discovered that there is much more to Yoga then just the physical part. She began to feel inner peace and balance and an overall sense of well being while practicing Yoga, which slowly expanded into her daily life.

Jayla started teaching Yoga in 2010. She received her 200-hour certification in Hatha and Vinyasa styles from Atma Bodha Yoga School in Virginia Beach, Va. She then received her 500-hour teacher certification the following year. She continues to maintain her certification with the National Yoga Alliance. Jayla also attended workshops with world-renowned Yoga Teachers such as Amy Weintraub’s, “Yoga for Depression and Anxiety” and “Yoga of Devotion” with Krishna Das. She also has studied with Graham Schweig, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Beryl Bender Birch and Swami Asokanada.

Jayla enjoys helping people find peace within and letting go of their busy lives during Yoga class. She believes it’s important for people to find time for themselves in this fast-paced busy world. As a Yoga teacher she wants Yoga practice to be an enjoyable experience for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

Jayla is originally from Bosnia where she lived through the Bosnian war in the 1990s where she endured and witnessed unforgettable atrocities of the war. She later immigrated to the United States where she met her husband while working as an interpreter for the US Army, which was part of the NATO peacekeeping forces in Bosnia.

Jayla is also the mother to two wonderful sons and enjoys the ocean, nature and gardening.

​Julie McDermott

Julie is a certified Star 3 Spinning Instructor with Mad Dogg Athletics and AFAA trained. With six years as a certified Spinning instructor, Julie creates a fun, energetic indoor cycle class using motivational techniques directed toward individuals of all fitness levels.

Julie believes that anyone can improve their fitness level no matter what their physical condition. She feels that workouts that are functional and complement your lifestyle will make daily life more enjoyable and will improve your quality of life.

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Howard Weinstein

Howard has been into fitness and team sports all of his life. He moved back to Virginia Beach in 2004 and is a native of the area.

If you like a skilled trainer with a motivating personality, Howard is your guy. Howard specializes in cycling and strength training to improve athletic performance and endurance. Be ready for an innovative and tough workout in every class!

  • Howard has the following certifications:
  • Group Fitness IFTA
  • Madd Dog Spin
  • Les Mills Body Pump
  • Cycle IFTA
  • Powercut IFTA
  • CPR and AED certified

Alyce Davidson

Alyce has taught fitness classes since 2006. After attending Pilates classes, she was inspired to pursue her fitness certification. This opened the door to teaching Pilates, Chisel, HIIT, Spin, and Core n More. A new found passion for motivating others led her to obtain a certification as a personal trainer. At Fitness 24-7, she teaches Spin and Core and More classes which focus on cross-training and maintaining overall cardio endurance. She believes everything emanates from the core and building on that foundation is what led her to teach these classes.

She encourages those who attend her classes by bringing a level of awareness of how simple tweaks and modifications can make all the difference to a successful workout. She also loves the energy the members bring to the classes.

Alyce has certifications from National Exercise Trainers Association, Interactive Fitness Trainers of America and World Instructor Training Schools. She is also is CPR certified.

Enjoying the outdoors, SUPing, biking, boating, running and hiking are some of her other interests. In addition, Alyce has also completed the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Va. and numerous half marathons as well as climbed Mt. Fuji when she lived in Japan.

When Alyce isn’t teaching classes, she works as a Community Relations and Wellness Coordinator where she implements employee wellness programs for a large mortgage subservicing company.


Julie Allen
Cycling Instructor

A former high school swimmer and lacrosse player, Julie Allen first began working in a gym at age 15 as a lifeguard. She moved to Virginia Beach in 2006 to pursue her master’s degree in education at Old Dominion, and has stuck around ever since.

Outside of the gym, Julie is a middle school teacher, where she has coached cheerleading, helped with the track team, and serves as a teacher leader. She enjoys reading, running, cycling, and group fitness classes at 24/7. Julie is a mom to two daughters, Lily and Avery. Her husband Brian is also a middle school teacher in Virginia Beach. 

Julie received her cycling certification through Mad Dog in 2018. As a busy mom, Julie believes everyone can make time for what is important – and wellness should be a top priority. She enjoys the atmosphere and energy that the members bring to the classes, and she looks forward to continuing her fitness journey with 24/7.